Saturday, July 12, 2008

Street Team Signature Help 101

If you don't have your banner saved to your computer; you can upload it from your etsy account to

In Appearance ~ under Shop Setup in Etsy
Right click on your mouse while your pointer is on your banner.
Click Properties (with the left side)

Highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the address URL for the image.

Paste (Ctrl+V) that address or URL into photobucket

Now that you have your banner in your photobucket account. Highlight the url/code below the banner picture labeled "IMG Code" (See Photo Below ~ Click to Enlarge).

Paste that code into your signature under Profile. **Do not add anything to the code.**

On EtsyBaby it will look like this (go to Profile, then Forum Profile Information):
Click on 'Profile' at the top

Then click on 'Forum Profile Information' on the left-hand side
in the Signature Box ~ Paste your text and click 'Change Profile'

On EtsyKids it will look like this:

On EtsyMom it will look like this:


Make Your Signature into a Link to Your Etsy Shop.

[URL=] IMAGE [/url]

Copy the code above and paste it into word or notepad (any program you can type in).

Copy your "IMG Code" from Photobucket and Paste it over the word IMAGE and change YOURSHOPNAME.


My HTML Signature Example:


Upload Your Avator the Same Way
In your Etsy Store, position the mouse over your avator. Right Click

Select the URL and copy it (Ctrl + C)
Paste that into the Photobucket web url upload.