Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photo Helps 101

A simple light box with white foam board taped together.
Click here for instructions on how to make ~

For my black background pictures, I use halogen shop light. Don't shine them directly on the items being photographed.

Tripod ~ from Walmart about 30$ (they sell a cheaper one, but it isn't very good)

My camera set on "Macro Mode with High Saturation"

Camera "White Balance" is set to indoors ~ little light bulb for the symbol.

A piece of black fabric is used for my background.

Hopefully I will be able to take more pictures with white as the background.

You can add a piece of glass underneath to create a reflection on the bottom. Have also heard of people using a white board under the object.

To create a floating look add frosted plexiglass under the item with a light below.

When using a photo imaging software, you can click on the background and delete it from the picture. See example in the socks on the card below ~ the picture was taken with a black background.